IndianOil’s State of Art, Lubricant Blending Plant inaugurated by PNG ministerShri Dharmendra Pradhan in Kolkata

Kolkata :  Shri Dhamendra Pradhan, Honourable Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel, inaugurated New Lube Blending Plant at Kolkata today, in the presence of IndianOil Chairman Shri Shrikant Madhav Vaidya.  This new plant is a step towards making India self reliant in its lubricants requirement.

With an investment of Rs 142 crores, this project generated a total of 72000 man days. Not only will this project meet requirements of the ever changing industrial domain, but will also ensure quality products creation with the help of its NABL accredited laboratory and top notch product evaluation techniques.

While giving his address , Honourable Minister said  this inauguration of the Lube Blending plant in Kolkata  is another chapter in the history of Eastern India’s development under the vision of Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi. “Kolkata’s Lube blending plant will cater  to the growing demand for lubricants in the eastern part of the country ,the existing plant’s capacity up gradation & augmentation along with the new state of the art blending plant will ensure availability of Servo grade of products to its customers in West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand  & entire North East.”, Mr Pradhan said.

“The plant is just another stride towards an “Energy Secured Atmanirbhar Bharat” and will contribute to the economic growth of the country. With the philosophy of Pehle Indian Phir Oil ,IndianOil is fully geared up to provide its customers  a wide variety of lubricants to all industrial sectors spanning across railways, engineering, fertilisers, steel, sugar, power and so on and so forth.  , Shri S M Vaidya, Chairman IndianOil said .

Strategically located in the Kolkata port area, with its convenient access to the jetty that allows easy transportation of Base Oil and Additives, and sprawling over more than thirteen and a half acres, the Lube Blending Plant, Kolkata, of Indian Oil Corporation is among Eastern India’s largest lube blending plants. With an annual throughput capacity of over 100,000 kilo litres, the Lube Blending Plant, Kolkata will now produce more than 200 grades of world class Automotive oils, Industrial oils, Marine oils, Rail Roads oils, cutting, transformer & rolling oils, powering an entire nation on the move.

The plant comes with state-of-the-art

  • Auto Batch Blenders that automate batch blending processes such as dosing, heating, mixing, rinsing and discharge with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Simultaneous Metered Blending units providing a turnkey blending system with better blend efficiency and higher accuracy.
  • Drum Decantation Units & Drum Heating Units for efficient handling of all kinds of additives.
  • Finished Product Manifold – a one of its kind of system in Asia – allowing multiple formations through flexible and customizable connections between any finished product tanks to the filler destination.

These  ultra-modern facilities bear IOCL’s hallmarks of quality and innovation in every aspect of their operation, helping sustain the trust that our customers have always placed in IndianOil’s  SERVO products and making our Lube Blending Plants, the best blending infrastructures in India.



Fast distribution of all products will be ensured by a smart bulk loading terminal with numerous bays and unmanned weigh bridges.

Indian Oil, with its constant innovation, is ready to meet every new demand and challenge that tomorrow may bring. It remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver the best solutions in lube demands for requirements of every shape and size; working round the clock in accelerating growth, empowering people and fostering trust by ensuring 100% performance.

In line with our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, this plant  is a step towards empowering the indigenous infrastructure leveraging India’s technical competence which will result not only in being self dependent but also  being vocal about our world class products which will come out of this plant.


About Servo  :

The lubes and grease market is a complex amalgam of commercial and passenger vehicles, 2- and 3-wheelers, agricultural equipments, stationary engines, marine and industries that range from steel, cement, power, mining, railroads, textiles, automobiles and glass. In this market of opportunities, it is a heated race between brands to capture the imagination of the stakeholders. But with one of Asia’s finest research and development facilities supporting it, SERVO is the brand to look out for. With a turnover of nearly Rs.8000 crores, it is India’s biggest lubricant brand and enjoys a market share of more than 27% in the Finished Lubes segment. SERVO has more than 5200 formulations and 1600 grades of lubricants available in more than 1700 active SKUs that it markets in the country.