Bhubaneswar: Gastroenterologists at the SUM Ultimate Medicare have used latest Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) guided Cystogastrostomy on a 27-year-old patient to drain out necrotic pancreatic fluid collection (walled off necrosis) recently. This advanced technique is being done in only few centers in the country.

EUS is one of the most advanced procedure done in the hospital’s gastroenterology department which can be used to assess organs like pancreas , hepatobiliary system mediastinum as they could not be reached by conventional USG < a\p or CT-guided approach, Dr. Ayaskanta Singh , HOD of the Gastroenterology department, said.

The new system can enable easy diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. EUS guided Cystogastrostomy is much more safe as the risk of bleeding, perforation or infection is minimal and the recovery time is much less compared to traditional surgical methods. It is also cost effective if we will compare with surgery Dr. Singh said.
The patient from Sundargarh district had come to the hospital with pain in the
abdomen, distension and vomiting which was due to the presence of a very large walled off
necrosis caused by acute pancreatitis. But by deploying the new procedure, a collection of
around 2000 ml fluid was reduced to a negligible 150 ml within 24 hours, Dr. Jimmy Narayan, Visiting Consultant, Sum Ultimate said.

There was no post procedural complications hence, the patient was discharged the next day. While open or laparoscopic surgery was the preferred method of treatment earlier, now it can be done endoscopically in a minimal invasive technique.