Statement by BJD Spokesperson Dr. Sasmit Patra to the statement by Odisha BJP State President Shri. Samir Mohanty

Bhubaneswar: It is seen the Odisha BJP habitually indulges in distortion of facts and tries to wilfully confuse people of Odisha. Due to such tactics, the people of Odisha have repeatedly rejected them but the Odisha BJP refuses to learn.

Today’s statements by Odisha BJP State President Shri. Samir Mohanty is a reflection of the same.
He has again tried to distort and confuse in order to score political points. Such tactics have boomeranged on the Odisha BJP in the past and will further alienate them from the people of Odisha.

We hope better sense prevails among the Odisha BJP and they understand that people of Odisha are intelligent and smart and that have seen through such cheap tactics of the Odisha BJP and therefore rejected them repeatedly and will continue to reject them again in the coming days.