Mo Sarkar Team Makes Surprise Visit to Nayagarh DHH Observes Improved Health Services

Bhubaneswar : In order to get feedback and direct observation of healthcare delivery, the Chief Minister’s Office today sent a four-member Mo Sarkar Team to Nayagarh District Headquarters Hospital.This was a SURPRISE VISIT. With an objective for direct assessment of various infrastructural facilities, diagnostic services, availability of medicines and other services, the Team interacted with more than 60 patients and their attendants in different wards and counters of the hospital.
​The Team observed that there is an increased level of satisfaction among the patients and attendants regarding the State Government’s Mo Sarkar initiative . The hospital authorities have also made active efforts for patient awareness on Mo Sarkar.

​The patients were aware that the feedback is taken directly by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, his cabinet colleagues and other designated officers. The Team observed an improved level of cleanliness, infrastructural facilities, improved and free diagnostic services and availability of medicines under Niramaya. To observe the efficacy of Niramaya Medicine services, two of the Team Members pretended as patients and stood in queue at OPD and Niramaya counter and observed the Doctor-Patient Interaction and Medicine Availability.
​It was found that specialised services like Dialysis, Intensive Childcare services and Nutritional care have improved to the satisfaction of the patients. The feedback was positive in this regard.
Action will be taken on the feedback .