Facilitating shelter and food for almost 70 workers from Odisha in Pedatadepalli, Andhra Pradesh

Bhubaneswar: It was informed to us on the Odisha- Mo Parivar helpline number by one Shri Sesadeb Mishra on 23-03-2020 that, there are 70 (15 from Bhadrak and 55 from Ganjam) stranded workers in Pedatadepalli, Dist- West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. All these workers were working in a spinning mill by the name Sri Srinivasa Spintex (India) Ltd.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic the owner of the spinning mill has asked all the 600 workers to leave the premise and head towards their native places without clearing their dues from last two and half months. The workers were in a state of distress because of this mandate.

The matter was escalated to the Convenor Odisha-Mo Parivar, Shri Arup Patnaik and he further brought the matter to the knowledge of the Honourable Chief Minister’s Office.

The matter was further brought to the notice of the Labour Commissioner, Govt. of Odisha by Dr Gopabandhu Dash, OSD to the Honourable Chief Minister and his intervention was requested.

On 24-03-2020, the Labour Commissioner of Andhra Pradesh was reached out and after that, the owner of the spinning mill was instructed to provide shelter and food to all the 600 workers as they have no where to go because of the lockdown.

After this instruction, the owner has allowed all the 600 workers to stay in the factory campus and will also provide food for them till 31-03-2020.

All the 70 workers from Odisha along with workers from other states had a sigh of relief in the condition of total lockdown and expressed their gratitude towards the Honourable Chief Minister of Odisha and the Labour Commissioners of both Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and the Odisha- Mo Parivar Team for their needed intervention in a moment of distress.