Odisha BJP leaders have crossed all boundaries of spreading falsehood: BJD

Bhubaneswar: It seems the Odisha BJP leaders have crossed all boundaries of spreading falsehood. The COVID warriors in Ganjam including ASHA & Anganwadi workers, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare workers, Police personnel, Government personnel and administration, have been working day and night over the past three months to ensure that each life is saved and protected from COVID and the migrants are taken care of.

Instead of speaking a positive word for them, the Odisha BJP leader Shri. Bhrugu Baxipatra in a Press meet belittled their hard work, tried to demotivate and discourage them; despite their long hours of hard work and best efforts over the past three-four months in Ganjam. We all know how he opposed the deputation of doctors to Ganjam district to fight COVID. That exposes his true motive, of not wanting people of Ganjam to benefit from deployment of more number of Doctors during the COVID pandemic. Also yesterday, the Leader of Opposition didn’t support Ganjam in its fight against COVID. This exposes the Odisha BJP further.

Odisha BJP leader Shri. Bhrugu Baxipatra in a Press release today mentioned that people are dying like insects and flies (Loka Mane PokaMachi Pari Maruchanti). Mentioning people as “Poka” (insects) and “Machi” (flies) by him exposes the level at which he and his party values the people of Ganjam.

One lakh COVID patients are being added in two days in India. The country may get to second position in the world for most number of COVID patients. Shri. Bhrugu Baxipatra should do something about and worry about country figures. Instead of worrying about that, his indulgence in speaking ill of the good work done by COVID warriors in Ganjam is unfortunate.

Odisha nationally and internationally is being acclaimed for its good work in COVID management. Recently, the Stanford University in a study stated that Odisha is one of the top 3 best-performing states in India for providing COVID quality data reporting and Management. But it seems Shri. Baxipatra is oblivious to these facts.

We urge Shri. Baxipatra not to belittle and humiliate the COVID warriors working in Ganjam by such irresponsible statements. His anti-Ganjam stand is thoroughly exposed and the people of Ganjam will never forgive him and the Odisha BJP for this.

Instead of demotivating and discouraging COVID warriors and speaking ill of the COVID management in Ganjam, he should focus on ensuring that their own party leaders do not go around violating COVID guidelines and breaking social distancing norms despite being repeatedly requested by their own party’s senior leader and Hon’ble PM as well as the CM of Odisha.