5T in Promotions of government employees

Bhubaneswar: 5T in Promotions of government employees. Pension adlats to fix responsibility for lapses. ‪Seeing the success on special drive on promotions taken up during the last fortnight of December, CM has directed departments to hold such drives every December.

CM also directed ACSs of various deptts to hold Promotion Adalats in last week of January to resolve cases that are eligible & due but not done.

In case someone is eligible and due and not promoted, then responsibility will be fixed on the higher authority for lapses.

By this two stage process , Government has streamlined and fixed time frame and responsibility in promotion process of Government employees.

This brings transparency, timeliness, leading to transformation in the entire promotion process. Corruption, whims and fancies of senior officials will be a thing of past with this initiative

Its expected that this transparent timebound promotions will incentivize hardwork and inspire government employees to put their best, leading to better public service delivery which is the hall mark of 5T in Governance.

The first promotion adalat will be held in the last week of January 2020.