CM Naveen Patnaik Inaugurates School Of Government & Public Affairs At XUB

Bhubaneswar : Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today inaugurated the School of Government and Public Affairs at the Xavier University, Bhubaneswar (XUB).

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Minister said’ I am delighted to be here today to inaugurate the School of Government and Public Affairs opened by Xavier University Bhubaneswar.  I congratulate the university authorities for this appropriate initiative.

Policymaking and governance are crucial factors for sustainable growth and equitable development.  In India, as we are maturing into a vibrant democratic set up, people are expecting transformational, big bang achievements. The policy makers must have to envision policy paradigms commensurate to the expectations of the people.

Keeping in view the objectives of an ambitious India and aspirational Odisha, my Government has put in place a Five-T Initiative that aims at achieving Transformation at all levels through Teamwork, Transparency and Technology enablers in a Time-bound manner. The 5T mantra has gained popularity for providing better service to the common people within a time frame. Odisha has become a model state in the country for good governance.

In this backdrop, the School of Government and Public Affairs will help in creating a new brand of policy makers and leaders, drawn from all sectors of society and trained to look at the issues from an inter-disciplinary and international perspective.

It will enable the young aspirants to realise their leadership potential in an educational environment.

Capacity building of the youth in areas of policy research and policy making is essential in the current paradigm of governance. I believe; this new institution will be very helpful in this direction.

My best wishes for the International Centre and School of Government and Public Affairs.